Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Challenger 600 -- New to Market

1982 Bombardier Challenger 600-1047 N249AJ

According to Chase Aviation, the Challenger 600 is suffering because of the high maintenance cost for this aircraft. Due to budget cuts and low flying time,  many aircraft are falling into disrepair. "When an aircraft costs $600,000 per year to operate regardless of its condition, thought needs to be given to what you are paying for!" This particular Bombardier Challenger 600 is fresh on all its maintenance, including:

 *  6 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due September 2010
 *  12 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due March 2011
 *  24 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due March 2012
 *  36 month inspection accomplished June 1st 2009- BombardierFLL
 *  48 month June 1st 2009- Bombardier FLL
 *  Landing Gear Overhaul Accomplished July 25th 2009, due July 2019
 *  Pilot side Windshield replaced February 2009

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