Monday, June 28, 2010

1997 Bombardier CRJ 200 SE/ Challenger 850 SN 7176

                                                     Interior of plane

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lear Jet up for auction

Want to see a walk around the Lear jet that is up for auction? Click here.

For just $1.495 million!

For information about the auction, see here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1991 Citation V

A 1991 Citation V has just become available. Asking price: $1,600,000 US. To read more about it, click here.

Custom Model Planes

Have you ever wished that you had a custom made model of your airplane to display on your desk? Get more info here.

1988 Falcon 900B

Asking Price: $10,395,000 For more info, click here

See it at the NBAA regional Forum in New York on June 10. For more info, click here.

Challenger 600 -- New to Market

1982 Bombardier Challenger 600-1047 N249AJ

According to Chase Aviation, the Challenger 600 is suffering because of the high maintenance cost for this aircraft. Due to budget cuts and low flying time,  many aircraft are falling into disrepair. "When an aircraft costs $600,000 per year to operate regardless of its condition, thought needs to be given to what you are paying for!" This particular Bombardier Challenger 600 is fresh on all its maintenance, including:

 *  6 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due September 2010
 *  12 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due March 2011
 *  24 month accomplished March 22nd 2010, due March 2012
 *  36 month inspection accomplished June 1st 2009- BombardierFLL
 *  48 month June 1st 2009- Bombardier FLL
 *  Landing Gear Overhaul Accomplished July 25th 2009, due July 2019
 *  Pilot side Windshield replaced February 2009

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2007 Citation CJ3 -- Drastic Price Reduction!

Very low hours: only 340 hours TT. Only 320 landings! Drastically reduced price: $6,250,000 US. Want more information? Click here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dassault Falcon 7X: Are you looking for one to buy?

The price has not been disclosed, but if you are looking for a Falcon 7X, here is a good place to inquire.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Falcon 7x

Here is a great video of Falcon 7x.

92' CHEOY LEE 1998

                                Price                   $2,495,000 USD  Contact here               

Do you have a Falcon 900EX EASY? Would you be willing to sell?

Do you have a Falcon 900EX Easy? Would you be willing to part with it? If so, click here.

Citation Excel Market bottomed out in 2009 according to AvProJets

According to reseller AvProjets, the market for Citation Excels seems to be stablizing. The market is said to have bottomed out in early 2009, during which period the number of the Citation Excels for sale ballooned to 100 aircraft, and prices plummeted. In 2009, the lowest price for a Citation Excel hit below three million dollars.
Read more about it, here.

Making the Leap from Pistons to Jets

Are you ready to make the leap from pistons to jets? Read this interesting article in Flying Magazine.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

460 Sea Ray

The owner will take the best offer available on this 460 Sea Ray. This craft has been well cared for. It has been professionally maintained since it was new. The mid-stateroom has complete privacy, with a washer and dryer. Great for coastal cruising, with her 14'8" beam she is a very stable yacht. Can accomodate two couples comfortably for a three day cruise. Autopilot and radar work well, as does the ice-maker in the cockpit! This one is priced for immediate sale, as the owners are anxious to get an even bigger yacht!

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1978 King Air C90

If that Cessna was a little tame, try this 1978 King Air C90! Details available here.

Just a Prop, but what a plane!

If a jet plane is a little too rich for your blood, then this 1966 Cessna 310 might be just the thing for you. Don't miss it at the Spirit of Aviation Auction July 31, 2010.

2007 Legacy 600

Are you looking for a Legacy 600 in cherry condition at a bargain price? There is a very motivated seller who is looking for you!

Price: $16,000,000.00
Total Hours: 1766
Total Landings: 728

APU Manufacturer: Sundstrand SP-E0614865
APU Hours: 1950

Engine Manufacturer: Rolls Royce AE3007A1E

Engine 1 Engine 2

Total Hours: 1766 1766

Engine Cycles: 728 728

Aircraft Highlights

Price Just Reduced - Highly Motivated Seller
  • Upgraded Sundstrand APU w/Reduced Noise Levels
  • Steep Approach Capability
  • Long Range Fuel System
  • Winglets
  • Dual Stall Protection Systems
  • Airshow 410 w/Passenger Address & Cabin Interphone System

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